Curses in Biblical Literature

The below is a collection of Biblical curses from the Hebrew Bible.

Genesis 2-3

In the book of Genesis, god curses Eve and Adam after they disobeying his command and eat fromt he Tree of Life. As penalty for their transgression, Eve is cursed with pangs in childbirth, and Adam is cursed to work the land.

Exodus 8-12

This section of exodus recounts the various malediction Pharaoh suffers when he refuses to release Moses and the Israelites from Egyptian captivity.

Leviticus 26

This passage stipulate the benefits for keeping God’s covenant, and the penalties for its transgression. Blessings include abundant fields and peaceful neighbours, penalties include sickness and stagnant lands.

Deuteronomy 27-28

Deuteronomy outlines several new rules for the Israelites to follow. Like Leviticus, these passages explain the benefits that accrue to those who keep the laws, and the punishments God will issue for those who do not follow them.

2 Samuel 24

God punishes the Israelites for David conducting a census of the tribes. David gets to choose from three curses (famine, pestilence, and war). David chooses pestilence, and 70,000 Israelites perish.

2 Kings 2

These passages concerns the prophet Elisha who curses some children because they made fun of his baldness. For their mocking speech, the children were mauled by bears.

Psalm 35

David entreats God to curse his enemies.